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Who are we?

Cherish International Inc (Cherish), a 501(c) (3) organization, was established in 2010 by
Anuradha Angara, Usha Chatty, and Badari Panuganti, who dedicated their energy and passion in reaching out and transforming a slice of the world by empowering women and children through education. In this pursuit, Cherish has supported children and women in India and the USA.  The Cherish team does not take any remuneration.

Our primary motivation comes from a strong conviction that the greatest joy in this world is helping other people. We put this conviction into action to give back to the
world community in general, but particularly focusing on our roots from India and our home in America. This focus was formed primarily by our immersive experiences we had visiting Rainbow Homes and SnehGhar in India that take care of girls and boys, and volunteering at several organizations in USA. These experiences created a strong belief that only by making these children and women independent can we make a sustainable impact on their lives on a perpetual basis, and fueled our desire to start Cherish.

What do we do?

Our mission is to help underprivileged children and women become self-sufficient by contributing towards a good standard of living and education.

Our purpose is as follows:

  • To provide scholarships and other forms of aid to students (e.g., books).

  • To provide assistance in improving the living conditions of underprivileged children by providing nutritious meals, clothing and appliances.

What is our impact?

  • We support over 500 boys and girls in various homes in India where we provided over 4000 meals, donated needed items such as clothing, hygiene kits, refrigerators, and washers.

  • We provided financial aid to several qualified students in USA and India where the students have now become independent and contribute to the society around them.

  • We spent thousands of hours on site teaching formal educational skills, life skills, and mentoring the children so they can own their future.

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