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Cherish delivers much needed non-perishables to the South Brunswick Food Pantry, USA

Cherish delivers much needed non-perishables to the Food Pantry:

South Brunswick Food Pantry was in dire need of non-perishable, and Usha and Anuradha delivered such food today. The items included crushed tomatoes, Tuna, cereals, oatmeal packets, Chef Boyardee, jelly, campbell's soup, hearty soups, boxed potatoes, canned corn, etc. While we were delivering the items, there were families that were coming through to help themselves before the items made it to the shelves.

Thanks to your generous donations, Cherish was able to provide basic need of food for the underprivileged.

Please think of your local food pantries, and help wherever you can!

Regards, Cherish team

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