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April 14, 2022 - STUDENT SUCCESS STORY #4 Thanks to your donations this young lady is going to be a certified nurse soon, overcoming trials and tribulations that life put in her way. She had a rough beginning in life with a dysfunctional family life and predator for stepfather. Amanvedika organization came to her rescue and provided shelter all these years. There are several others in similar situations that need your help!

Her story didn’t start with a promise of good childhood or a bright future; but her challenges began early with a dysfunctional home. Her mother having to leave with this child to a distant town and try to provide a stable home through a second marriage. Things took a turn to the worse with a predatory stepfather. At a young age of about nine years old, using her wits, she reached out to a neighbor who connected her to the Amanvedika organization; where, finally, she found a stable home that nurtured her.

The young lady received the standard food, shelter, medical attention, and education from them. After identifying her as a gifted child, the management sent her to Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Kismatpur. Telangana, a school exclusively for girls.

In her Intermediate college (11th and 12th grades in the USA), she studied Multi-purpose Health Worker as her major, which helped her to join the nursing school, putting her in the path for a bright future ahead of her in the medical field. All of this made possible by generous and empathetic donors like you.

There are many girls all over the world in similar conditions; struggling to get out from these testing circumstances and looking for a helping hand. Cherish is doing its share to help one girl at a time. Please join the cause and support the endeavor by giving generously! Regards, Cherish team PLEASE NOTE: The identity of the student has been withheld to protect their privacy.

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