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March 14, 2022 - SUCCESS STORY #3 This YOUNG MAN had a very rough beginning. At a young age of 5 years old he was found on the streets of Mumbai by the police begging for food. He was sent to a government Home for children. Since he spoke Telugu language, he was transferred to Aman Vedika Homes in Hyderabad, India. He was given food, shelter, medical attention, and education. The organization made several efforts to find some relatives to no avail.

Today this young man is finishing a three-year undergrad degree in Commerce and Accounting. At an early age he understood the challenges facing him. He has shown sheer will power to overcome the hardship placed on him.

Impressed with his industrious nature and intelligence, a good Samaritan supported his further education at a private English medium Oxford Grammar School. He continued his Intermediate course (US 11th and 12th grades) at a Telangana Gurukul Institute. He then joined AV College, Hyderabad and continues to excel in studies.

He is confident and eloquent. He is passionate about pedagogy methods to educate the masses, in his trials to do so, he relied on the you tube and started a video channel. He is learning the methods of writing to express himself and to create awareness to the public. He was helpful during lockdown time at the Home, supportive of the Home management team with activities as well as engaging children in learning. At present he is actively helping juniors by teaching communication skills in English. His goal is to become a civil servant.

Anuradha (Rama) is currently mentoring him in his pursuit to further his education while gaining work experience. She found him to be calm, collected, and focused.

There is no doubt that he will succeed in his life and become a good citizen. Cherish team wishes him all the best!

PLEASE NOTE: The identity of the student has been withheld to protect their privacy.

Regards, Cherish team

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