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Updated: May 2, 2022

February 14, 2022 - SUCCESS STORY2: A young woman of eighteen years old is ready to start her nursing education. Till the age of six years old, she lived on the streets with her mother begging for alms. Her mother wanted a better life for her and brought her to one of the Amenvedika Homes, which provided food, clothing, healthcare, and education as part of their shelter program. Her transition to the Girls Home was fraught with challenges because her mother needed to take her out for basic needs. It was not long after that her mother passed away.

Irrespective of the turmoil she faced at such an early age, this young lady successfully completed high school public/national exams and finished two years of Inter college courses (11th and 12th grades in the USA). Her efforts resulted in obtaining an admission into a reputed nursing college.

Anuradha (Rama) has known of this young Lady right from the beginning. Meeting her year after year Anuradha developed a personal bond and encouraged her to give her best.

Thanks to your donations Cherish was able to provide financial aid towards her education. If you are interested in sponsoring her four- year education, please contact us.

Best wishes to a young lady of formidable spirit and commitment!

PLEASE NOTE: The identity of the student has been withheld to protect their privacy.

Regards, Cherish team

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