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Cherish youth ambassador visit the Snehghar, Amavedika, India


Tejas, Cherish Youth Ambassador, spent approximately twenty-five hours with the students teaching them Spoken English and Computer.

The Spoken English Class included techniques such as how to propose questions, start questions, answer questions, and how to have a long conversation while only using the English language. By introducing English grammar and sentence structure, he helped the students feel more comfortable in speaking in English in a real world situation.

The computer class consisted of students learning how to type, structure Google Slides/Microsoft Presentation, navigate Google Docs/Microsoft Word, and how to set up and use Google Services (Google photos, Drive, Gmail, Chrome, Youtube, etc.). The Students also learned how to use Keyboard shortcuts in order to help them in using all of these services more efficiently.

Tejas bonded with the boys by sharing mutual interest in sports. While he shared American version of the football, the boys shared their favorite sport ‘cricket’. Tejas attributes his success to, “ - - make the students feel more comfortable around me, I wanted them to not call me sir, but rather Anna(older brother in Telugu). To really help a young child, you need to make sure that they see you as an equal and not as a person of higher power. When the students were comfortable, their learning experience grew as a result.”

Tejas heart grew with his experience, and upon his return he donated funds received during his Upanayanam, Hindu coming of age ritual for boys. The donation of substantial amount will go a long way towards college education of three or four boys for a bright future. He expressed his feelings in these words,"Helping these kids not only taught them something, it taught me as well." Tejas plans to visit the shelter during his future travels to India.

Cherish wishes Tejas a bright future!

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