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Cherish Youth Ambassador visits Rainbow Homes!

Cherish Youth Ambassador Kriti, Pennsylvania, USA shares her musical prowess with the girls at the Rainbow Homes, A shelter for underprivileged girls in India

Motivated by the work of Cherish International Inc at the Rainbow Homes, Kriti, a high school student from Pennsylvania visited the girls to share her knowledge of music and exchange view on being a student in the two countries. Before the visit, she raised sizable funds for the Home for nutritious meals, new clothing and financial aid to college students from the Home.

She spent a day with the girls from home, serving them meals, comparing her USA school experiences with those of the girls, teaching them how to sing and providing valuable emotional nutrition. She enlisted her siblings, parents, and grandparents to partake in this activity; even getting the girls to participate with her in Indian classical dance.

Learning from this experience, Kriti reflected “I realized they are not at all different from me. They made me feel at home and spoke to me very kindly. It was amazing to see how talented some of them were, they spoke fluently in English and welcomed me to their home. Some girls were much younger than me and the twinkle in their eyes and their spirits lifted me.”

Speaking about her interactions with the girls she said “They asked me about my grades and GPA and I realized how intelligent they were and that they wanted to do well in their academics, just like me. The girls I met at the shelter like the same things as I do, but unfortunately do not have the privilege due to their difficult situation.”

At the end, when it was time for her goodbyes, she was emotional “When the time came to leave, they taught us secret handshakes and we laughed at each other when we messed up. Finally, we had to say our goodbyes. I felt remorseful for leaving them behind, and as we drove away, I knew that I would never forget those girls.

Kriti profusely thanked Rainbow Homes and Cherish who made this emotionally satisfying experience possible, thanked the donors who made raising money possible for the girls, and hopes she would meet the girls again soon.

Kriti set an example to other young men and women in our society the importance of getting involved and help the needy. She also showed that such involvement can bring lot of joy from making new friends.

Cherish wishes much success to Kriti and her continued progress in helping others!

Please enjoy a video and some photos from Kriti's day!


Cherish team

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