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FEBRUARY 23, 2021- Swapna and Uttaran Chakrabari honor Dr. Pradip Kumar Chakrabarti with

They shared a special message with the children, 'Work hard and take care of each other'. Thanks to the generosity of the Chakrabartis these children feel secure that there are good people in this world they can rely on. Amanvekika organization and it's residents thank them for their kindness. Cherish team appreciates their support! Best wishes,Swapna and Uttaran Chakrabarti honored a parent with special meal at the Musheerabad Home for girls at Amanvedika organization. It is an Indian tradition to honor the elders by providing meals to the underprivileged. The Chakrabartis remembered Dr. Chakrabarti on this special day in their tradition. Food is a basic necessity given with pure heart will benefit the receiver and the giver. Cherish team wishes the Chakrabartis all the best in this endeavor. The girls at the Home appreciate their gesture.

Regards, Cherish team

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