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August 5, 2021:

JAZMEER HARRIS RECEIVES FINANCIAL AID FROM CHERISH . Visions and Pathways and Cherish became partners in helping the underprivileged in the USA. Jazmeer was introduced to Cherish two years ago as a student of William Paterson University, NJ, majoring in Sociology. This is the THIRD YEAR Cherish came through for Jazmeer.

Jazmeer is motivated to add two minors: women & gender studies & criminology. His career goal is to become a criminal justice social worker for women in prison. It is laudable that he wants to serve the cause of women.

Jazmeer is maintaining very good grades, and ready to start his junior year in college. After graduation he is hoping to assist women prisoners rehabilitation as his career. Cherish was able to increase the donation amount for this school year, and with your help we will be able to ensure he graduates on time.

Please DONATE generously to help Jazmeer and other students in need!

Cherish thanks you for your continued support! Please 'reach out and transform the world'!

Cherish team

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