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JULY 13, 2021:

On the occasion of KALIDAS CHATTY'S 87th birthday, RUKMINI, his wife, treated the girls at the Amanvedika, Musheerabad location, for special meals. Kalidas commented that his heart goes out to the predicament of these girls and boys, and hopes they have a better future. Kalidas and Rukmini sent the following message, "Education is very important to come up in life. Therefore work hard and study well. Bless you all." Their heartfelt wishes gives the children the encouragement needed to forge on.

Cherish team wishes Kalidas a happy birthday and a very long life!

Cherish team appreciates the encouragement received by Mr. and Mrs. Kalidas, and their continued financial support. Please join the many benefactors of Cherish by donating to this good cause. Please 'Reach out and transform the world'!

Regards, Cherish team

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