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Girls at the Rainbow Homes, Musheerabad, enjoyed having LATA ADDANKI, her friends RAJESWARI AND SAILAJA of Hyderabad, India, who came with pouches, bananas and chocolate. In addition, Lata brought some gently used clothes for the young girls as well. Girls sang a welcome song to the three guests, and answered their questions. When asked what they wanted, one of the girls was sincere in her request of wanting shoes. First, Lata distributed zip lock purses she made for each of the girls, then Rajeswari distributed bananas, and while they were enjoying banana's Sailaja treated them with chocolate. They left behind additional supplies for the other girls who were still at school and the staff at the Home. Anuradha shared her knowledge of the facility, and gave them guided tour. Lata noted they could use book bags, quilts, etc. to enhance their lives. Rajeswari and Sailaja found a daily schedule for the girls posted on the wall very useful. Lata, Rajeswari and Sailaja left the Home very touched by the girls smiles, and hope in their demeanor. They left with a promise of visiting the Home again to provide additional assistance. Cherish is bringing awareness regarding the plight of the underprivileged girls and boys to the citizens of USA as well as India. Please join in it's mission to 'reach out and transform the world'. Regards, Cherish team

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