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November 29, 2021: ALEENA, PRAJNA AND ANIKA, CHERISH YOUTH AMBASSADORS MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE helping the youth at the Visions and Pathways residences. They have raised $1210 in providing winter wear kits, oral hygiene kits, body hygiene kits and several other necessary items. 48 Winter wear kits included: Hats, gloves, scarves, socks, 3 hand warmers, and chap stick. 24 Oral Hygiene kits included: Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss 24 Body hygiene kits included: Shampoo, 2 bar soaps, deodorant, chap stick, bath towel, washcloth, (for girls we added in pads) Several other items: men's razors (box of 52), men's shaving cream (12 can), women's razors (2 packs of 18), women's shaving (cream 12 cans), bedsheets - 28 (twin/twin XL). Aleena, Prajna and Anika have shown leadership skills by working as a team, display courage and unwavering commitment. They have shared the responsibilities of raising funds by going from door to door, visiting local stores and through Cheddar up. Their courage is evident when they approached the management of Target, Costco, and BJs, presented their project details, and asked for donations raising $125 in store gift cards. They worked with Anuradha Angara, President of Cherish and their mothers in coordinating the needs of the youth, determine how many kits of each category and ensure individual kits are prepared for their use. It is a BIG project and they have completed it in record time. Overall, their enthusiasm and commitment to the task is laudable. They have helped the youth along the way by meeting their basic needs and letting them know the world cares what happens to them. They set the youth to become self-sufficient in the future. Aleena, Prajna and Anika are first-year high school students at the South Brunswick High School in NJ and are off to a great start with their volunteering efforts. They have become role models for other students to follow. Cherish team wishes them much success with their future endeavors! KUDOS GIRLS!! Please join in ‘reaching out and transforming the world’ through your donations and participation. Regards, Cherish team

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