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Usha Chatty and Smitha Ramakrishna honor their mother!

Usha Chatty and Smita Ramakrishna treat the boys at Vijayanagar Colony for a special meal.

Usha and Smita, sisters, honor Kamala Bakshi, their mother, on October 12th every year by providing a special meal at one the Amavedika Homes. Kamala Garu instilled great values they live by, and one of the values is feeding the less privileged. Usha and Smita also shared a message their mother lived by, "Treat everyone with kindness, love and acceptance however they are." The boys at the Vijayanagar colony appreciate the meal and the message. Kamala Garu must be very proud of her girls! They set a great example living the values learned while growing up! Please 'REACH OUT AND TRANSFORM', Regards, Cherish team

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