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September 9, 2021: VARUN CHUGH, YOUTH AMBASSADOR, DELIVERS PERSONAL HYGIENE KITS TO THE YOUTH! Varun took on a leadership role by raising funds, developing guidelines on how to maintain shower hygiene including pros and cons, purchased several hygiene items and delivered to the Visions and Pathways organization.

Varun put together a flyer to raise funds among friends and family and to share the need to help the underprivileged. He laminated the guidelines with best practices and the benefits of maintaining good hygiene. These laminated guidelines with last for a long time providing the information to the newcomers.

He was thoughtful in purchasing towels, wash cloths, soap, tissue and lip balm to ensure the youth get a good start.

Cherish wishes Varun success in his future endeavors! Please join our efforts by donating to Cherish!

Regards, Cherish team

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