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YOUTH AMBASSADORS AND A NEW VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Saksham, Junior in High School, is the first student to volunteer and complete coaching sessions with the college students at the Vijayanagar Colony boys Home, Amanvedika in Hyderabad, India. He taught them fundamentals of Python program/language via ZOOM sessions.

Saksham has shown leadership capabilities of integrity, commitment, expertise,, generosity, and problem-solving abilities during these sessions. He is very knowledgeable of the material, ensured good understanding and able to clarify and answer any questions.

Even though Saksham faced challenges due to language barriers in teaching the students at the Home, he fulfilled his commitment to finishing the classes.

Saksham has a bright future ahead of him and we wish him all the best.

This has been a great opportunity to the underprivileged children in India to enhance their knowledge and skills. Please join this good cause, and volunteer your time and share your knowledge!

Regards, Cherish team

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